Practices - Banks and Banking 

At Masano Bradley, our lawyers have extensive experience with commercial lending transactions, commercial loan workouts and lender liability matters. 

With our practice rapidly expanding in the past few years, we have been able to keep up with the demands of our banking clients. In various banking related transactions, we have represented both lenders and borrowers. Areas of concentration in our banking practice are loan closings, business workouts, federal and state regulatory matters, mortgage foreclosures, bankruptcies and general banking related legal matters. We represent various financial institutions and other entities subject to federal and state banking and banking-related regulations. Our lawyers are knowledgeable in all the following areas: 
  • Asset securitization 
  • ATM networks 
  • Bank collections 
  • Bank directors and officers liability 
  • Bank foreclosures 
  • Banking law 
  • Fair lending 
  • Financial law
  • Fraud investigation 
  • Interest and usury 
  • Lenders rights 
  • Letters of credit 
  • Loan workouts 
  • Savings and Loan law 
  • Truth in Lending 
  • Banking litigation 
  • Commercial banking 
  • Commercial credit 
  • Commercial loans 
  • Consumer banking 
  • Credit card law 
  • Credit finance 
  • Credit law
  • Disposition of REO Properties 
  • Electronic banking 
  • Lender liability 
  • Lender regulation
  • Levy and garnishment management 
  • Loan restructuring 
  • Secured lending 
Questions regarding our Banking practice may be directed to our Wyomissing Office.