“Selling my business was a complicated matter. There were real estate issues and estate planning issues on top of the determination of the real value of the company. And the buyer was a large business with a lot of experience in acquisitions. Masano Bradley pulled together a team that worked in tandem to negotiate a price that was higher than I expected and with terms that have allowed me to provide security to my family for generations to come.”
“As a Board for an entity in the public spotlight, we have a variety of personalities who serve. Disagreements are to be expected, which makes us ‘cannon fodder’ for the news media. But the lawyers from Masano Bradley are always the voice of calm and reason. They know the law and help us to reach proper conclusions, even with delicate personnel matters.”
“Although you try to avoid them, disputes are inevitable if you manage a business. My attorney at Masano Bradley says a lawyer’s primary goal should be to keep you out of court. But sometimes, no matter how hard you try to negotiate, that’s where you end up.
And that’s where their ability to understand and explain complicated matters really shines. All I can say is they’re really smart. I mean really smart.”
“Dad died unexpectedly. We learned he had more money in more places than we thought. That’s a good thing, but it made settling his estate pretty complicated. Masano Bradley handled everything and ended up saving the family tens of thousands of dollars in taxes. And Mom really appreciated that they treated her with such courtesy and understanding.”
“Heidi Masano is very capable with a wide range of legal skills.  She does what she promises and meets all deadlines!”