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Higher Education / School


Having an attorney advocating for your child can make a difference when attempting to navigate the complex world of special education law. Few attorneys understand the services, supports, and appropriate educational placements guaranteed by law, so choosing an attorney who does is important. Knowledgeable counsel can support you through the evaluation and Individualized Education Program (IEP) process, due process hearings, and in many other common educational and disciplinary situations. We will always work to ensure the best outcome for your student.

Masano ◊ Bradley represents students in all areas of special education and school discipline matters, whether arising from the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, or other laws or regulations.

Our services include assistance with:

  • Identifying and eligibility for special education services
  • Challenging a school’s determination of what a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) looks like for your student
  • Addressing a school’s previous or ongoing failure to provide appropriate services
  • Ensuring that your student’s IEP provides for appropriate placement, instruction, supports, and services, and that the IEP is enforced
  • Representing students at disciplinary hearings
  • Filing for due process hearings to challenge the appropriateness of a proposed placement or service
  • Representation at hearings, mediations, and meetings 
  • Review of proposed IEPs and Service Agreements
  • Appeals of district or hearing officer decisions


In today’s volatile, ever-changing educational landscape, Masano ◊ Bradley’s experienced team of attorneys are prepared to provide districts and colleges or universities with well-rounded, practical advice designed to keep your institution out of court, on budget, and focused on providing your students and employees with a positive learning environment. Our attorneys are ready to provide dedicated, high-quality representation on all of the complex issues facing public school districts and institutions of higher learning.

Our team of attorneys has experience with:

  • Pennsylvania Public School Code
  • FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act)
  • Best practices related to faculty, student, and employee handbooks
  • Labor and employment negotiations and litigation
  • Assessment appeals
  • Document retention
  • Privacy laws (HIPAA, Clery Act)
  • Land use
  • Tax free financing opportunities and real estate tax exemptions
  • Contracts (employment, vendor)
  • Construction projects
  • Student discipline
  • Real estate acquisition and disposition
  • Board governance
  • Collective bargaining
  • Expulsion hearings

Questions about our Special Education/Higher Education/School Law practice may be directed to our Wyomissing Office.

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